Welcome to Sunburst Academy!

We are a 501(c)3 Learning Center for students with Learning Differences located in West Linn, Oregon. At Sunburst Academy, we see the brilliance of our clients and help them minimize their challenges. We know that having Learning Differences is actually a sign of a brilliant, visual spatial mind. Yes, there are challenges, but when we help our clients learn how their brain processes information best, their gifts far outweigh any difficulties.

Do you have a child or teen who you know is smart, but struggles with reading, writing, concepts or organization? Maybe they have a tendency to 'space out' during class? Or they can't seem to get going in the morning without innumerable reminders? Does homework mean melt downs or social outings equal stress? If so, we can help you better understand your student while we use our invidualized programs to help them reach their full potential.